As a valued customer of Hartwell Grimsby, we would personally like to invite you to our: Everyone Wins Weekend Friday 19th to Monday 22nd February 2016

Hartwell Grimsby is giving you the chance to enjoy a perfect weekend with our Everyone Wins Event. We all remember those who have brightened our day with a kind word or gesture so this weekend we have decided to make it a perfect one for many reasons. Not only can you be a winner with a newer or brand new car and have a spring break weekend away on us, but you will also be helping us to raise money for ‘The Health Tree Foundation’ with our charity fun days. Join us, get involved and have fun with knock the cans, hook a duck, face painting and much more, plus 100’s of prizes to be won!

So how does it work? Providing you still have all your finance agreement in place on your current car, it works like this…

Heads You Win!

  • You give us your current Citroën
  • We settle your existing finance
  • We will supply you with a newer or brand new Citroën
  • We will guarantee your monthly payment will remain the same or less for 6 months
  • We will pay for your Weekend Spring Break
  • Tails We Lose!

    If we cannot do all of the above, we will promise to pay for your WEEKEND AWAY anyway!

    Paid for your vehicle in cash? Don’t worry, if you purchase a vehicle from us during this event you can still take advantage of some incredible offers in our new car range and we’ll still pay for your WEEKEND TRIP too!

    In order to qualify for these amazing offers you must make an appointment in advance and quote offer ‘HW16’. Book your appointment: Contact Us Today!