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Ford EcoBoost Technology

To get more performance from an engine it needs to be larger and therefore less economical right? That was the traditional way of thinking. Ford’s EcoBoost technology is anything but traditional.

Ford’s engineers have re-imagined and re-invented what an engine can do. These smaller, lighter engines feature many innovations that deliver great fuel economy and reduce emissions. Yet they don't compromise on performance.

It is there for no surprise that Ford’s 1.0 Litre EcoBoost engine won international Engine of the Year three years running.

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The Eco

Fuel is a very precious resource especially to a Ford EcoBoost engine. That’s why the Ford EcoBoost engine seeks to maximise the fuel economy of every last drop of fuel, whilst making serious reductions in CO2 emissions – to as low as 99g/km.

Direct fuel injection helps EcoBoost engines achieve these remarkable figures. A precise, highly pressurised amount of fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. This innovative and effective way of using fuel means EcoBoost engines use only the bare minimum amount of fuel needed.

The Boost

All of Ford’s EcoBoost engine use turbochargers to increase power to a level that far exceeds the power output that is expected for the engine size. Turbocharging uses exhaust gases, which are usually wasted, to push more highly compressed air into the engine and give a huge boost to their power. A 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine can deliver an impressive performance up to 140PS, similar to an older, heavier 1.6 litre petrol engine.

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Power When You Need It Most

The turbo also creates a great spread of torque (the power available to make the wheels turn). This makes EcoBoost engines flexible on open roads, with fewer gear changes needed. Variable cam timing helps generate high torque even at low revs, and maintains peak power. Or more simply: you get immediate, responsive power whenever you need to accelerate – such as overtaking a long, slow lorry.

Ford EcoBoost technology has also been used in the All-new Ford GT. The Ford GT has been created with one thing in mind, speed. The Ford GT uses a 3.5 Litre EcoBoost V-6 engine to achieve nearly 600BHP. This output would have used to only be achievable on vehicles with engines of at least 5-litre if not 6-litre. Now with EcoBoost technology Ford have extracted these extraordinary figures from engines of nearly half the capacity and increased fuel economy.

Discover The Range

The Award winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine is available with 100PS, 125PS and 140PS power outputs. It’s been joined by a 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 litre versions, with specially-tuned 2.3 litre EcoBoost engines sitting in the new Mustang and Focus RS performance car. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost is also used to power our Fiesta rally cars throughout the world, while the 1.6 litre engine powers our F4.

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