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FordPass Connect differs slightly from FordPass in that it has an integrated modem with a sim card that connects your vehicle to the internet. Software updates happen over-the-air automatically, allowing you to access the very latest features.

You can also use FordPass and FordPass Connect together to get the most out of your experience, even allowing you to remotely start your car (on automatic Focus models). The Ford Focus was the first car to benefit from this technology and now Ford have rolled out the app across the range. Look out for the FordPass app logo across our range of cars and vans and get connected.

With FordPass Connect you can discover a range of innovative features that work together to keep you connected effortlessly on every journey.

Effortless Connectivity

You and your Ford can stay seamlessly connected wherever you are.

With FordPass Connect you can connect a maximum of up to 10 devices to the in-car Wi-Fi hotspot and you don't need to use your smartphone's valuable data allowance to stay online. This is great for making those longer journey's seem shorter. FordPass Connect also comes with 3 months or 3GB of complementary data. There is also an option to buy data bundles for a day, month or even a year from Vodaphone.

Be confident with FordPass Connect

You will never lose your vehicle in those busy car parks again. The useful map on the FordPass app will help guide you to your vehicle's exact location. The Vehicle Status feature can also help you to check your fuel level, tyre pressure and mileage before you get behind the wheel.

You can also receive handy Vehicle Health Alerts which are sent directly to your smartphone. The app can tell you when to change your oil, when a lightbulb has failed or even when your engine is overheating. Simply check the FordPass app to give you the confidence that your car or van is ready for it's next journey however long.

FordPass Connect

Helpful tips on how to use FordPass Connect

  • Activate your modem and ensure that your data sharing is turned on. Your local Hartwell dealership can help you with this and point you in the right direction.
  • If you're unsure, tap the FordPass Connect tile on your SYNC 3 screen. Go to ‘Connectivity settings’, and turn on ‘Vehicle data & Remote ctrl’.
  • You can now launch the FordPass app on your smartphone. Don’t forget to then press and hold down the 'lock' button.
  • Wait for just a short moment and your vehicle will lock. It will not matter how far you are away from your vehicle.
  • You can also unlock your vehicle remotely. Make sure that you have the FordPass app open, and just click and hold down the ‘unlock’ button.
  • You can even start your connected vehicle remotely, if it has an automatic transmission. And that means you can activate the Quickclear heated windscreen, heated seats and heated steering wheel.

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