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Abingdon Transit Centre New

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Abingdon Transit Centre

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Dunstable Transit Centre

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Kidlington Transit Centre

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Reading Transit Centre

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Ford CEO, Jim Farley

07 October 2020

Ford changes their CEO

Vans,Ford,New Vans

New CEO is appointed to take over

Jim Farley

New CEO joins the Ford family

It has been announced that CEO Jim Farley will now take the reins of the Ford company.  Tim Stone, will not be leaving the company until mid-October to ensure a smooth transition and forms part of a  series of changes across the company. Stone will be replaced by John Lawler who will work alongside Jim Farley.

"John knows our company inside out, has a clear view and great ambition for what Ford can be and articulates what's needed to get there," Farley said.

Ford will now be divided across three different regional units which are Ford China, Ford Europe and Ford the Americas and International markets.  

With Covid-19 causing disruptions and factory closures, Ford has still managed to remain in full production and is now focusing on launching the Electric range including the All-Electric Mustang Mach-E.


Image courtesy of Ford