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Ford Warranty Questions, Answered.

27 March 2020

A quick Q and A blog on the most frequently asked questions.

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Dear Customer

We understand that you have lots of questions about what will happen to your Ford warranty during the coronavirus crisis so we have tried to answer your most common questions below:

  • Q1: My vehicle’s warranty expires on 30 April 2020, will this be extended by Ford?

A1: At the moment Ford are not extending vehicle warranties, although there will be some leniency regarding when warranty repairs have to be carried out. This situation may change and we will of course update you if it does.

  • Q2: My vehicle is due to have a service very soon which it requires to maintain the Ford vehicle warranty. What do I do?

A2: Don’t worry! Ford have suspended requirements for service to take place at a particular time interval until 31 May 2020. They will further extend this if it becomes obvious that customers will still find it difficult to get their vehicle serviced after 31 May 2020.HOWEVER, Ford have not extended the mileage tolerance (the mileage that you can exceed the specified service interval mileage by) and it is still 1000 miles. The reason for this is that driving the vehicle long distances could affect the functionality of serviced parts.Please don’t worry though, if you have a good reason why you have had to do high mileage in your vehicle, e.g. you are a key worker, we will tell Ford and expect them to be understanding.

  • Q3: My vehicle has developed an issue that I think should be covered by the Ford vehicle warranty but in my handbook it says I have to report the fault to my local dealer and have the repair carried out within 14 days.What do I do?

A3: Up until 31 May 2020, all you need to do in this instance is notify us that you think your vehicle requires a warranty repair as soon as you realise there is an issue. To do this email giving your name, address, phone number, registration number and details of the fault. We will be in touch as soon as we are able to book your repair in and if it is an item covered by the warranty it will still be covered even though more than 14 days may have passed since you reported the fault.



We are aware that sometimes these faults may mean that the vehicle cannot be used. If this is the case and you are a keyworker, or someone caring for a vulnerable person or otherwise dependant upon your vehicle, please contact us on the numbers below and we will do our best to see if we can help you:

Hartwell Abingdon

Tele: 01235 522822

Hartwell Banbury

Tele: 01295 267711

Hartwell Dunstable

Tele: 01582 443500

Hartwell Grimsby

Tele: 01472 307100

Hartwell Hemel Hempstead

Tele: 01442 220200

Hartwell Hereford

Tele: 01432 297000

Hartwell Kidlington Ford Store

Tele: 01865 290300

Hartwell Kidlington Used Car Centre

Tele: 01865 840100

Hartwell Scunthorpe

Tele: 01724 387000

Hartwell Watford

Tele: 01923 220550