​1996 Ford Escort Cosworth RS Lux Sold For A Staggering £91k!​

Would You Be Tempted?

​​Considered a modern classic the Escort Cosworth RS was a standout vehicle of the 90’s following its energetic rally career. Many who grew up in the 90’s will remember its radicle aggressive looks with the iconic ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler. One of the key selling points of the Escort Cosworth RS is its 2.0-litre turbocharged Cosworth YBT engine known for its vast tuning capabilities. Providing both breath-taking speed and handling no wonder this was the dream car for many young rally fans in the 90’s.  

This week a ‘Time Capsule Car’ of the Ford Escort Cosworth RS Lux 1996 has been sold for a whopping £91,125 at the Silverstone Auction. The road car version of the Escort Cosworth RS was available 1992 – 1996 meaning that this particular Escort Cosworth Lux in Diamond White was one of the last to leave the factory. Fitted with the lux package it made the most of the optional extras available, keeping it to a pristine standard maintaining its new car smell from only driving 837 miles.

Featured in many magazines and calendars the striking looks of this Escort Cosworth make it a rare collector’s item. Silverstone auctions themselves claiming that it is ‘without a doubt one of the finest fords Silverstone has ever offered.’ What would you do if you were the buyer? Keep it safe on display or put some miles on the odometer? With only 499 on the road as of Q2 2017 you will be one in a million.

Photo Credit: ​Silverstone Auctions