The L200 Series 5 Road Trip

Mitsubishi take the L200 Series 5 on the road trip of a lifetime to test the outstanding features that make the award-winning L200 Series 5 the greatest pick up Mitsubishi have ever made. From Mitsubishi’s UK headquarters they drove all the way down to North Africa to test the L200 in the most demanding conditions on the planet. Find out how the journey went below…

4WD Ability - L200 Series 5 in the Sahara

Manoeuvrability - L200 Series 5 tackles one of the world's most dangerous roads

Performance – L200 Series 5 conquers the Atlas Mountains

Economy - The incredible fuel economy of the L200 Series 5

Emissions – L200 Series 5

Advanced Safety Features: L200 Series 5 pick-up truck