New Ford tech could be the end of speeding tickets

Speeding tickets could be a thing of the past, due to the latest technological development from Ford. Debuting on the all new S-MAX, Ford's Intelligent Speed Limiter promises not only to help prevent drivers incurring stinging speeding penalties but to greatly increase safety too.

Automatically adjusting the maximum vehicle speed to remain within limits, the technology comes integrated with a camera that detects road signs. And it's not just signs the technology can detect – it can detect people too. The Intelligent Speed Limiter can locate people in the road ahead and react with a system of warnings and eventual automatic braking.

The technology is activated via ergonomically designed controls on the steering wheel. Drivers can set a maximum vehicle speed and the system operates using a windscreen-mounted camera that monitors road signs. If the road signs indicate a lower speed the Intelligent Speed Limiter automatically slows the car accordingly.

The most exciting thing about this innovative technology is that it combines all of Ford's previous speed control systems. Adjustable Speed Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition are implemented into this one sophisticated feature. Pim van der Jagt, executive technical leader at Ford Research & Advanced Engineering commented on the launch of Intelligent Speed Limiter:

“We're not just developing cars at Ford, we're also developing technologies to make driving more convenient, safer and ultimately help mobility around the world."

Laudable words indeed – and encouraging news for the motoring world as a whole. What's more, drivers are still able to retain control and override the technology – now available to order in the new S-MAX – by firmly depressing the accelerator.

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