First Impressions of the Brand New Ford EcoSport ST-Line

The pre-release of Fords Latest SUV

The Brand new Ford EcoSport came to our showroom yesterday for the first time prior to the official launch early next year. Kidlington Ford received the range topping offering of the ST-line EcoSport in magnetic grey with optional two tone effect black roof. The previous generation of EcoSport had been around since 2012 and was in need of an update due to radical styling changes to the Ford line up. It is easy to see that this was a successful face-lift by Ford with the new EcoSport looking far more striking emphasised by the ST-Lines black grill.

The thing that makes this car exciting for us is the inclusion of the multi award winning EcoBoost engine that has massively impressed us in the recent offerings from Ford such as the new Fiesta, the highest selling car in the UK for 2017. Getting 140PS out of a one litre engine is exceptional and in a compact SUV should provide plenty of power to put a smile on your face whilst giving you great fuel economy.

The New EcoSport appears to be lower to the ground giving the car a sportier feel fitting for the chunkier front end. The 17” dark tarnished wheels looked amazing in this particular spec with an aesthetically pleasing 5 spoke design that make the car feel solid and strong in build. The headlights have also been changed from the previous iteration of the EcoSport being far more angular and bold to suit the aggressive new grill. For 2017-2018 there are few cars that are not enjoying a lavishing of external daytime running LED lights and the New EcoSport is no exception keeping to a minimalist single line. The two tone roof comes in three options black, white or to match the body colour and looks sleek and stylish against the magnetic grey colour of this ST-Line EcoSport.

The rear of the ST-Line EcoSport has a glossy black rear bumper car a seamless finish. The EcoSports boot opens from the right hand side with a cleverly concealed release built into the rear tail light. The boot provides ample space well utilised with a flat bed making loading a unloading simple. The back seat fold down easily with a button press on each side, though the seats do not fold completely flat the additional space provided is considerable.

The interior of the ST-Line is embellished with the addition of red stitching bringing a needed splash of colour to the interior. One of the more simple highlights for me of this particular EcoSport are the seats, they seem to be made out of a memory foam like material that provides outstanding comfort. Another feature of this particular EcoSport is the CD player on the passenger side of the car, though CD players are infrequently used these days it is always good to crack out the old Christmas CD’s coming into December. Overall the interior of the car is a nice place to be and it feels safe to say it will be comfortable even over long journey even before experiencing the ride.

The entertainment system has had a massive upgrade to the sync 3 system making the most of the recent advancements in voice activated technology meaning that you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. Able to connect to your Apple or Android phones the sync 3 system is very intuitive and user friendly giving you direct access to some of your apps such as Spotify for your music. If you have ever had a car with a bang and Olsen sound system then you know it is a impressive addition with rich warm sounds that can reach a monumental high volume.

Coming into viewing this car with little preconception has been a positive experience, the change in the styling of the EcoSport has made a massive effect. The new EcoSport looks far more like it belongs in the SUV line up that Ford have to offer standing out in the centre of our showroom next to a premium Focus ST. For many people this will be a great choice of vehicle being an affordable premium feeling car that has brought together comfort fuel efficiency and styling. I look forward to the opportunity to drive the EcoSport, if it drives with the same quality this will be a fantastic offering from Ford that will be well worth the surprisingly low price tag.

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