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Pop In Test Offer

How it works:

When you have chosen your vehicle, you will then agree your annual mileage decide on the agreement term with one of our Business Managers. We will then determine the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of the vehicle at the end of the agreement and work out a deposit and monthly amount that suits you. At the end of your agreement you will then have three options:

  • Return-Simply return the car the back to us.
  • Retain-Keep the car by paying the optional final payment
  • Renew-Trade it in for another car.

Lease Purchase:

Lease Purchase is an ideal alternative to bank borrowing for businesses that are not VAT registered and who want eventual ownership of their cars.

The benefits:

  • Eventual ownership
  • Low initial deposit
  • The car can be written down in your books
  • All interest pair can be off-set against tax
  • No VAT on payments
  • Option to take early settlement
  • No restriction on mileage

How it works:

Lease Purchase can also be seen as a fund scheme that also favours businesses that prefer minimum payments to assist cash flow. This is because part of the capital cost is deferred until the end of the agreement and has the obvious effect of reducing the monthly payments. In paying the final balloon payment you complete the agreement and the car is yours to keep. If you trade the car in for another, then any allowance over and above the balloon payment is yours and can be put towards your deposit on your next car. Likewise, if the allowance is less than the balloon, then you are responsible for the shortfall.

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