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The app that heightens your experience.

Find parking and fuel more easily with a SYNC®Connect-enabled vehicle! Control your Ford remotely and get from A to B better.

You’ll soon be able to think of FordPass as your personal journey assistant. Whether you own a Ford car, or a vehicle made by another manufacturer, or you live in the city and don’t own a car, FordPass will help you find smarter ways to move. The way the world moves is changing. Join us and help shape the way you move tomorrow.

As Henry Ford said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

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Key features

Connect and Control

Control and monitor your vehicle by enabling SYNC Connect and never worry again. Features include: 

Start & stop, lock and unlock from anywhere, schedule a start, check fluid and fuel levels

Know Your Vehicle

Use your phone to access general information and the vehicle service history through the app. If you have a SYNC Connect-eqquiped vehicle, you can also track fuel levels, get reminders and Vehicle Health Alerts when it needs attention.

Find Everything You Need

You know you can track fuel levels but with the app, you can also find the fuel you need to keep going. Moreover, you can filter by fuel grade or brand and compare prices. Along with that, you can find a large variety of other destinations for your convenience.


Improve all of your journeys by connecting all devices you have to your car's Wi-Fi. You can listen to anything you want while you drive in comfort and safety.

The new FordPass Connect modem is slightly different to FordPass. You can discover a range of innovative features in your vehicle, and on your smartphone that works with FordPass, keeping you connected on every Journey.

FordPass Connect is currently available on: New Puma, All-New Kuga, Focus, Transit Connect, Tourneo Connect, Tourneo Custom and Transit Van.

FordPass Pro

Look after up to five business vehicles with FordPass Pro. At just a tap of a button you have the tools to help keep your vehicles healthy, secure and running smoothly so you can relax and focus on the work.

Key features include:

Remote lock and unlock, automatic vehicles can be started remotely, anti-theft indicator, book your service directly from the app and keep track of your vehicle health including tyre pressure and fuel levels.

Have a question about FordPass?

Find out how to use FordPass to its fullest, contact us.