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FordPass Pro

Ford Pass Pro

Look after up to five business vehicles with FordPass Pro. At just a tap of a button, you have the tools to help keep your vehicles healthy, secure and running smoothly so you can relax and focus on the work. The app enables you to activate your modem and access a whole range of useful features designed to make your working life a lot easier so you can get the most from your business vehicles.

Key features include:

  • Automatic vehicles can be started remotely
  • Anti-theft indicator
  • Book your service directly from the app
  • Keep track of your vehicle's health including tyre pressure and fuel levels
  • Guard mode notifies you if it detects someone trying to access your vehicle with a stolen or mimicked key
  • Live lock status lets you check all vehicle doors are locked at just a glance of your phone
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Remote zonal locking lets you control the cabin and load doors separately
  • Receive alerts on AdBlue, fuel and washer fluid levels. brake discs, and oil life
  • Log your journeys and file them under business or personal


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