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Step by Step Motability Guide

Step-By-Step Ford Motability Guide

Motability takes the hassle out of car buying. If you are eligible and receive a mobility allowance from the government, you can use it to lease a brand-new, worry-free Ford from your local Hartwell Ford dealership. Simply choose the perfect car for you, opt for any necessary adaptations to help you drive, and we'll sort out the rest. With a Motability agreement, your tax, insurance, maintenance and servicing is included free of charge and, at the end of your lease, you can either leave the scheme or start a new agreement on another brand-new car. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out more about the Motability scheme.

Step 1 - Check Your Eligibility

Make sure you're eligible to join The Motability Scheme - you need to receive a motability allowance. For more details, visit our eligibility page.​

Step 2 - Choose The Car You Want

​Loads of different cars are available on the Motability scheme. You can choose almost any Ford model, and some are even available with nil advance payment. If you would rather, you can pay a small advance payment to get a different specification or model. You may find it easy to pick your car, or you might be struggling to make up your mind - either way, you can visit one of our specialists at any Hartwell Ford dealership.

Step 3 - Visit Our Showroom

All our showrooms have dedicated Motability specialists to help with your every need. They can help you choose your car and any adaptations that you'll need to drive it, without being pushy or misleading.​ When you visit, remember to bring a copy of your award notice, a utility bill with your address on and driving licences for you and your nominated drivers (if you are adding any).

​Step 4 - Order Your Vehicle

Your Motability specialist will get everything ready for you - they'll sort out the order for the car, the tax and insurance. All you need to do is sign the forms and start looking forward to your brand-new car! Once you've completed the process, you'll receive an acceptance letter and a PIN number, which you'll need when you collect the car.​

​Step 5 - Pick Your Vehicle Up

Different cars will take longer to be delivered, so you may not get your new car immediately. However, there may be in-stock cars that are suitable for your needs, which may be available to drive home sooner. Make sure you bring your PIN when you collect the car.​

Step 6 - Worry-Free Motoring

Help and support is available whenever and wherever you need it - you'll have a specialised phone line and tailored breakdown cover included in your agreement. Plus, Hartwell will take care of all servicing, maintenance and MOT needs, and we'll tell you when your car is due for a service.