Peugeot Scheduled Service

Love to keep your car tip-top and ship-shape, then make sure it has its regular Scheduled Peugeot Car Service.

It's guaranteed to get the specialist attention it deserves including:

  • A full diagnostic review and health check
  • Change of oil and oil filter
  • Top-ups of all fluids
  • Brake, steering and other safety checks
  • Visual checks of tyres, lights, indicators, mirrors and wipers
  • Environmental checks-pollen filter and exhaust

Plus we'll look at additional items required for your vehicle depending on its age and mileage such as air filters, spark plugs or brake fluids.

The interval between services varies between vehicles-it could be a length of time or a number of miles. You'll find full details of exactly what needs doing when in the Peugeot Warranty and Maintenance Handbook that comes with your new Peugeot.

Remember, servicing isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your annual mileage and age of your car you may need additional servicing or extra work carried. Speak to a member of our service team at Hartwell Peugeot Dunstable, Grimsby and Hereford about our Arduous Service Regime if one of the following conditions apply to you:

  • Continuous use for long journeys
  • Use as a taxi or ambulance with an average speed below 12mph
  • Use for repeated short journeys (under 6 miles) from a cold start