The Twingo Spirit Is Back! | Hartwell Renault

Colourful and Vibrant…The Twingo Spirit Is Back!

True to the spirit of its predecessors, not only is New Renault Twingo colourful and fun to drive, but it also combines a dynamic stance with a particularly endearing expression.

The four body colours revealed at the Geneva Motor Show echo those that were available for the first-generation version, while New Twingo’s personalisation programme will also enable owners to express a wide range of personalities, from sporty or ‘vintage’, to chic or fun. Colour is everywhere inside the cabin too, even down to the numerous storage areas.

Like its forebear, New Twingo comes in a choice of four vibrant ‘pop’ colours (powder blue, white, yellow and red), an unmistakable sign that the Twingo spirit is well and truly back!

New Twingo’s highly original architecture ensures exceptionally agile handling, along with a cheery expression, a unique profile thanks to its short bonnet and a roomy passenger compartment.

The font end features the brand’s trademark styling cues, including a prominent Renault logo set to a black background. The new city car’s distinctive personality is emphasised by its ribbed bonnet and big headlights topped by direction indicators shaped like eyelids. New Twingo’s assertive expression is further enhanced by circular daytime running lights marked out by four points of light. A broad air inlet set into the lower portion of the bumper provides the finishing touch to New Twingo’s expressive face.

The shoulder line stretches the full length of the sides, from the front indicators to the tail. This signature feature line, which is more prominent where it passes over the wheel arches, especially at the rear, plays an important part in the solid, robust feel that New Twingo exudes.

Thanks to the bold decision to locate the engine at the rear, New Twingo is able to offer far greater agility and a bigger cabin than would be expected from a car with an overall length of just 3.59 metres.

Agile handling is the foremost benefit of this architecture. The positioning of the engine at the rear gave the designers more freedom to work on the front end. New Twingo’s turning circle of 8.65 m helps it to turn easily in cramped spaces. Indeed, compared with its competitors, it needs a metre less space to perform a U-turn.

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