All New Renault Scenic

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All New Renault Scenic

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The All-new Renault Scenic Is Here!

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Exterior Design

Fancy a Break From The Norm?

The All-new Renault Scenic front
The All-new Renault Scenic wheel
The All-new Renault Scenic windows

Sensuous lines

Fluid bodywork lines, re-worked proportions, single-body silhouette strengthened by a plunging windscreen… You will not go unnoticed in the Renault SCENIC.

20" wheel rims

 SCENIC's large wheels, which come as standard, make all the difference. They give it a resolutely aerodynamic and modern look.

Two-tone paint work

With the two-tone paint work option, SCENIC embodies your dynamic, modern style.


Discover the numerous safety features of the Renault SCENIC.

The All-new Renault Scenic sensors
The All-new Renault Scenic light sensors

Active emergency braking with pedestrian detection

Cope with a town's many distractions. Exclusive to New Renault SCENIC, active emergency braking can detect pedestrians. If it detects a risk of imminent collision, it is also capable of braking for you.

Lane keeping assist and fatigue detection alert

Do you have a monotonous journey? Losing concentration? Thanks to its trajectory analysis system, active above 31 mph, the Renault SCENIC detects any fatigue-related anomaly and alerts you. If you do not react, it corrects your trajectory autonomously moving you back into your lane.


 Experience innovation

Equipped with the latest technologies, the Renault SCENIC takes driving pleasure to a new level.

The All-new Renault Scenic MPH
The All-new Renault Scenic dashboard

Head-up Display

Thanks to the colour head-up display, you have all the essential information within your field of vision (speed, GPS navigation and driving aids). Unique on the segment, this equipment optimises your comfort and safety.

Hands Free Parking

 Hands free parking helps you to identify the parking space configuration (parallel, diagonal or perpendicular) measures the available space and handles the manoevre. All you have to do is control the accelerator, brakes and gears.

MULTI-SENSE technology

Your mood can change, the Renault SCENIC's can too! Thanks to the MULTI-SENSE technology, you can choose from five driving environments: "Comfort", "Neutral", "Sport", "Perso", "Eco". Enjoy a new driving experience on every journey.

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