All-New SEAT Ibiza

From £13,410

All-New SEAT Ibiza


Yours For The Taking

The All-New Seat Ibiza was carefully designed to suit urban adventures. Everything you need to take on the city is found in this model. The aerodynamically efficient shape will help you go further with less fuel, and improved safety and stability will give you a confidence boost. So, where are we going today?

Nothing Wrong With Showing Off

If you enjoy looking sharp, the All-new Ibiza is the perfect choice! With bold exterior lines, crafted with a combination of Computer Aided Design and engineering savvy for a car that looks agile, even at the lights, you will always be noticed on-road. Here's to trying something new! To fun! To showing off!

Lets Roll.

Tailor-made rims, now available in 18 agile inches that will make you want to go new places! Alloy wheels brings lightness and strength on your terms; your design, your way. And because they're galvanised, you can bet they'll stay fresh!

All-New SEAT Ibiza side view
All-New SEAT Ibiza moving driving
All-New SEAT Ibiza alloys

​A Technology Overload.

Connectivity Hub

Just place your smartphone in SEAT Ibiza's Connectivity Hub and let it charge up without wires or fuss. The way we look at it, if it’s not easy, it’s not mobility. The integrated GSM amplifier ensures signal won't be a problem either, so you can choose your music wherever you are.

Why wait for tomorrow?

Right here, right now! Your Ibiza has an 8” infotainment screen and comes pre-loaded with the very latest SEAT technology to help you navigate the city seamlessly and effortlessly.


Every adventure needs a proper soundtrack, no matter the miles. And the All-New SEAT Ibiza with BeatsAudio™ has some serious sounds, thanks to its powerful 300W amplifier, six speakers and high-end subwoofer. From classical to techno, metal to country or even a nice session of throwbacks, this audio system can put you in a good mood.

All-New SEAT Ibiza media connectivity
All-New SEAT Ibiza interior steering wheel
All-New SEAT Ibiza beats audio speakers speaker system

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All-New SEAT Ibiza 360° View