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Essential Service

Only £79.95 for 2.0 engines and under or £99.95 for engines larger than 2.0.

Carried out by our qualified technicians, the Hartwell Essential Service is suitable for all vehicles over 3 years old. Representing outstanding value for money without compromising on the usual Hartwell quality. This piece of mind servicing option is perfect for low mileage vehicles and can help bring the overall price of your service down.

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A Hartwell Essential Service consists of the following:

Item Hartwell Essential Service
Check glass / mirrors / body work
Check exterior lighting
Check horn / wipers / washers
Check seat belt operation
Check operation of all locks and manual key
Check condition of auxiliary belt
Check for oil leaks
Top up washer bottle with water*
Check antifreeze strength top up with water*
Carry out battery test
Drain engine oil and refill
Replace oil filter
Check for oil leaks
Check timing belt for mileage change
Check condition of tyres including spare if accessible
Check condition of road wheels
Check inflation kit expiry date where applicable
Check condition of exhaust system
Check condition of wheel bearings
Check condition of shock absorbers
Check condition of coil springs
Check condition of drive shaft boots
Check condition of steering rack & gaitors
Visual check of front brake condition
Visual check of rear brake condition
Visual check of brake pipes & brake hoses
Reset vehicle service light
Conduct a road test
Stamp Service book