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Premium Value Service

From only £209 or £249 with an MOT. Available on vehicles over three years old.

What is included in the Hartwell Premium Value Service?

In addition to the items covered by the Hartwell Value Service, the Hartwell Premium Value Service includes the removal and replacement of the vehicle's spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter, plus checking and lubricating all hinges and locks. The vehicle is then taken for a road test by one of our highly trained technicians to ensure all is performing as it should be.

It is a significant cost saving to have a Hartwell Premium Service every 12 months, rather than purchasing these additional items separately. Best of all you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is being mantained by manufacturer trained technicians using high quality parts.

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Below are the items covered by both the Standard and Premium value services:

ItemHartwell Standard ServiceHartwell Premium Service
Oil and oil filter replaced

Handbrake operation checked

Clutch operation checked
Windscreen checked for damage
Washers/wipers operation and wear checked
Exterior lights operation checked
Instrument gauges, warning lights and horn checked
Heating system, blower motor checked
Air conditioning operation checked
Seat belts operation checked
Bonnet catch operation checked
Wiring, Pipes & hoses checked (where visible)
Engine, vacuum pump & cooling system checked
Fluid levels checked and topped up where applicable
Coolant & antifreeze concentration checked
Auxiliary drive belts checked
Battery condition and output checked
Steering & Suspension checked
Front & rear wheel bearing checked
Engine & transmission checked for damage & leaks
Exhaust checked for damage & leaks
Under-body checked for damage & corrosion
Braking system checked & tested
Wheel nuts tighten to correct torque
Spark plugs removed & replaced
Air filter removed & replaced
Fuel Filter removed & Replaced
All external hinges & locks checked
Road test the vehicle