What Do You Know About The Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit has got to be one of the most, if not the most iconic van of all time. First seen by the public in 1965 the Ford Transit became an instant hit. Its versatile space, flat load bed and car like performance made the Ford Transit the van to have. Here are 10 Interesting facts about the Ford Transit:

  1. A Brand New Ford Transit is sold every three minutes
  2. More than 2.54 Million UK sales and close to eight million world wide
  3. When it first went on sale in 1965 the Ford Transit cost just £542.
  4. During development, high-speed durability testing was actually carried out on U.K. public roads.
  5. The first Ford Transit was built at Langley, Berks, an old Hawker Hurricane factory, on August 9, 1965.
  6. Langley built 317,800 Transits before production moved to Southampton in 1972.
  7. Southampton, an ex-Spitfire factory, built 2,200,173 Transits before closing in July 2013.
  8. The 1965 Transit was the first van big enough to carry an 8ft by 4ft sheet of plywood.
  9. Faced with moving two baby elephants at London Zoo in 1965, handlers turned to their Transit to get the job done.
  10. Much of rock royalty started off touring in a Transit –Coldplay, Status Quo and, er, this lot – The Tremoloes
Elephants in a Transit?
Elephants in a Transit?
The Tremoloes and their Transit
The Tremoloes and their Transit