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MS-RT Transit Practicality Offer

The VR|46 Transit is based on the award-winning Ford Transit Tourneo L1/L2 310 2.0 TDCI 170 Titanium. This has made the vehicle not only stylish and loaded with technology but most importantly practical.

The VR|46 can seat up to six people making it an ideal person mover. With the rear seats still in place, the vehicle still has a large flat load area capable of taking up to 931kg (max gross payload excluding driver) in additional load weight.

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The rear three seats, however, can be either folded up or removed completely to make the VR|46 Transit able to carry even larger items. With the seats remove the VR|46 Transit’s max gross payload increases to a massive 1,085kg (Excluding the driver).

As seen in the images below with the seats removed there is plenty of room or a full-size race spec motorcycle, three team members in the front and fourth team member sitting in the back next to the motorcycle.