Warranty 2 | Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire & Bedfordshire | Hartwell

Vehicles over Five years or 60,000 miles up to Any Age/ Any Mileage

Plan B

This Warranty covers the components as listed under Parts Covered (including labour to fit them) of the covered vehicle against mechanical or electrical breakdown as defined below subject to exclusions. There is no restriction to the number of claims you can make, up to the value of the vehicle at the time of purchase in aggregate.


Mechanical or electrical breakdown is the failure of a component, causing a sudden stoppage of its function, for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence. Damage caused by the effect of overheating is not regarded as a mechanical or electrical breakdown under the terms of the Warranty.

Important Note

You are covered only for the parts described under Plan B of your handbook. Your Warranty does not cover more than the manufacturer's list price for parts. Repairs must not start without the prior approval of Hartwell Warranty.

Parts Covered


The rocker assembly, including hydraulic followers, inlet and exhaust valves (not burnt out, sticking or pitted valves), springs and guides, cylinder head (not cracks and de-coking), cylinder head gasket (except skim), push rods, camshaft and followers, timing gears and chains (excluding tensioner), oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, inlet manifold, flywheel and ring gear. Timing belts are covered provided that the last due change of belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's service schedule (proof required).

Manual Gearbox

Internal gears, synchromesh hubs, selectors, shafts, bearings and bushes and transfer gears.

Automatic Gearbox

Internal shafts, gears, clutches, brake bands, valve block, governor, oil pump, bearings and bushes, servo, drive plate and transfer gears.

Torque Converter

Failure of any internal mechanical parts.

Continuously Variable Transmission CTX

Internal clutches, planetary gears, reduction gears, shafts, variable pulleys, thrust link drives, internal seals, bushes and bearings.


Internal crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, bearings and bushes, thrust washers and spacers.


Centre plate, pressure plate, release bearing, oil contamination (centre plate only) and master and slave cylinders.

Front-wheel Drive

Drive shafts, including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (not gaiters).

Wheel Bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings.


Universal joints and couplings.

Rear-wheel Drive

Half shafts, rear-wheel external drive shafts, including constant velocity joints, universal joints and couplings (not gaiters).

Four-wheel Drive

All four wheel drive components are covered if the Prestige Vehicle option has been selected.

Fuel System (diesel and petrol)

Carburettors, automatic choke, lift pump, mechanical or electrical fuel pumps and tank sender unit (excluding damage caused by incorrect or contaminated fuel).

Fuel Injection System

Throttle body, airflow meter, idle control valve, cold start valve, warm up regulator, overrun cut off valve, throttle potentiometer, fuel accumulator, pressure regulator, map sensor (except injectors and heater plugs).

Engine Cooling System

Radiator, oil cooler, heater matrix, water pump, viscous fan coupling, thermostat and thermostat housing.

Air Conditioning (factory fitted)

The air conditioning compressor unit is covered.

Steering (including power assisted steering)

Steering rack and pinion (not gaiters), steering box, power steering rack and pump, power steering reservoir and idler box.

Turbo Charger (factory fitted)

The turbo charger unit is covered.

Front and Rear Suspension

Hydrolastic displacers and hydropneumatic spheres, coil springs, upper and lower wishbones and ball and swivel joints.


Brake master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinders, restrictor valve, brake caliper and seals.

Anti-locking Brake System (ABS) (factory fitted)

The ABS modulator and sensors are covered.

Electrical System

Starter motor and solenoid, alternator/diode pack, ignition coil, voltage regulator, window and sun roof motors, electric window switches, sunroof switch, central door locking solenoids, heater fan motor, indicator flasher relay, distributor, front and rear windscreen wiper and washer motors, electronic ignition amplifier, thermostatically controlled radiator fan motor, horn and multi-function stalk switch.

Engine Management (ECU)

Engine electronic control unit.

Working Materials

Oils, oil filter and anti-freeze are covered only if it is essential to replace them because of the failure of a part which is covered under this Hartwell Warranty.


If any of the covered parts fail and this damages the casing, it will also be covered.