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Warranty Extra Benefits

In the event of a valid claim the following extra benefits will be provided.

Vehicle Replacement

Your supplying dealer will supply you with a replacement vehicle, up to a mid-sized saloon, subject to availability. You can only have a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is being repaired under this Hartwell Warranty and prior authority has been given by the administrator's Claims Department. You will have to pay for fuel and insurance for the replacement vehicle.


You cannot have a replacement vehicle for the first 24 hours that you are without your vehicle or during any delay the repairer may have waiting for parts or commencing repairs.

Overnight Accommodation and Rail Fares

We will pay up to £60 towards hotel expenses or a return rail ticket if the vehicle breaks down and you are unable to return home. You will need to send a receipt. You cannot claim for the cost of meals and drinks. This benefit is only available if a valid Hartwell Warranty claim is submitted.


The Warranty is valid for up to 60 days per annum (pro rata) for driving in the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe. The administrator will not pay more than the equivalent UK cost for parts and labour.

N.B. These benefits will not be provided if the failure is not covered by this Hartwell Warranty. Payments will be limited to those levels outlined in the Personal Validation Certificate.

Warranty Complaints and Arbritration

In the unlikely event of a dispute occurring under this Hartwell Warranty you should, in the first instance, contact: Customer Service Manager, Car Care Plan Limited, Jubilee House, 5 Mid Point Business Park, Thornbury, West Yorkshire BD3 7AG. Telephone: 0844 573 8005.

This Warranty conforms to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Vehicle Protection Code of Practice.

The address of the SMMT is as follows:

Vehicle Protection Code Conciliation Service

PO Box 44755

London SW1X 7WU.

Telephone: 0870 751 8270.