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Warranty How to Claim

Take your vehicle back to the Hartwell dealership where it was purchased or another Hartwell location and they will confirm that the Hartwell Warranty is still in force and the repair is valid. They will also handle the repair on your behalf. If you cannot take it back to a Hartwell dealership, please follow the instructions detailed below.

1 Take your vehicle to a VAT registered dealer and provide them with the Hartwell Warranty handbook and your Personal Validation Certificate.

2 The repairer must call the administrator by telephoning 0844 573 8005 for prior approval.

The administrator will require details of:

A The date that the fault was first noticed

B The vehicle mileage

C The reported fault

D Details of the parts being replaced including a full detailed estimate of parts and labour.

3 The administrator will issue an authorisation number for the amount of the claim that they agree to.

4 The repairer should then invoice the administrator direct and send the invoice to: Hartwell Warranty, Jubilee House, 5 Mid Point Business Park, Thornbury, West Yorkshire BD3 7AG. Alternatively you may have to settle the invoice direct and claim the amount authorised by sending the administrator a copy of the invoice.

Important - Repair work must not commence until the administrator has agreed the claim. Failure to comply with this requirement will affect your ability to claim under this Hartwell Warranty.

Repairs Abroad

If a breakdown happens outside of the United Kingdom the following process applies:

- The repair must be carried out in countries who are members of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association.

- We will not pay more than the equivalent UK rates of labour charges and manufacturer's list prices for parts at the date of repair.

- You should authorise the repair work yourself and contact the administrator for a refund when you return to the UK. Our liability is up to the claim limit set out in this handbook and detailed in the Personal Validation Certificate.

- We will refund you in pounds sterling at the rate of exchange that applies at the time of the repairs, once we receive the original repair invoice.


The administrator is not authorised to settle any amount until they have received the original repair invoice and, when requested, a completed claim form. These, together with the repair approval number, must be sent to the administrator.


Administration and Claims Helpline:

Phone: 0844 573 8005 Fax: 0844 573 8108

To make sure that you receive the highest level of service, telephone calls to our administrator are recorded.